It looks gross but it saves lives!

I spent the morning watching Sherlock Holmes, while hooked up to a machine that takes my

So I have been thinking….

I have decided the time is right to let everyone know… i am a straight

phone call from mom!!

Mom and Dad were camping this week with my aunt and uncle.  I have gotten

Book Review – Whistling Women by Kelly Romo

  Addie Bates has an opportunity to return to San Diego where her life changed

A new category – Strange phone calls from mom.

so the other day, my cell phone rings, and it isn’t a number programmed in

Bike the Bay again

Well, we did it again, we rode over the Coronado bridge at the start of a 25+ mile Bike the Bay bike ride.  I was actually able to enjoy the view a little this year as I wasn’t stuck against the inside barrier sucking wind the whole time.   it was much more fun and relaxing than […]

Oceanside Pier

      Yesterday afternoon i walked down to the commuter train and took it to the last stop headed west.  this is where i ended up. Oceanside Pier, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the view of the sea as well as watch fisherman bring in their catch.  i have always loved the […]

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Weirdest Laundry Phenomenon, EVER.

catching up on some laundry today and i washed a bunch of socks.. everyone knows that is the best way to end up with less socks as they disappear during the washer/dryer process.  however today was a little different.  as i reached in to grab the clothes from the dryer i found this in the last handful… […]

The time has come.

Over the years i have exercised in fits and starts, rarely doing more than a