It looks gross but it saves lives!

I spent the morning watching Sherlock Holmes, while hooked up to a machine that takes my blood out of one arm and removes the platelets and then send the red cells and plasma, etc.  back in the other arm.  It takes close to 2 hours most times but the results are a bag of platelets that can be used to help a cancer patient, a kid with ITP, and any number of other health needs.

If you aren’t up for that you can always just donate whole blood. It helps people too!

I lost my best friend to cancer when I was 11, and my sister had ITP when she was in elementary school.  I currently have multiple friends who are being treated for cancer or other issues that require transfusions. It is the least I can do to sit in a chair watching a movie for a few hours knowing it can help improve or even save a life.  Think about it.

So I have been thinking….

I have decided the time is right to let everyone know…

i am a straight cisgender woman.


all this uproar about who gets to use what bathroom, and i have finally decided to say my piece.

i grew up a tomboy, raggy jean, t-shirts and a really, really short haircut.  getting me in a dress was like putting 3 cats in a small bag.

i quite frequently heard someone, usually a child whisper to someone else, ‘is that a boy or a girl’  i would always just smile at them or ignore them because I knew the answer and thought it should be clear to them as well. as an adult i have never changed those tomboy traits, although my jeans might be slightly less raggy and my hair is purple, it is still quite short.

some of you might know i am an ally for the LGBTQA community, i don’t pretend to understand all the nuances but people are people, i decide how i feel about someone by how they treat me and those around them, not what may or may not be under their clothes.

but i had a revelation a few days ago.  at any given moment, someone could decide *I* don’t look feminine enough to use the women’s rest room.  (or god forbid, i look too feminine to use the men’s when the women’s line is too long)

the fact is, the only person who should decide what restroom i use, is me. and the only person who can decide for you, is you.

if you think perverts are suddenly going to come out of the woodwork to prey on people in the restroom, you have been living in a bubble, because the perverts have been in the bathrooms they wanted to ALL ALONG.

i count a few transgender people among my acquaintances and dare i say friends.  i don’t ever want them to be worried they will be attacked because they need to pee.






phone call from mom!!

Mom and Dad were camping this week with my aunt and uncle.  I have gotten a few updates via pictures and text over the last few days as usual.  this morning as i am driving home from dropping the husband off at work my cell rings, it is mom.  i grab it and put her on speaker phone.  they are curious why the barge traffic has stopped on the Mississippi and why a bridge/ferry are closed since sometime yesterday.  i let her know i am driving but will check when i get home.

i get home and start digging on the old interwebs and discover that about 10 miles upriver from them two barges/tugboats collided and there has been an oil spill on the river. so i call to tell them perhaps they should refrain from fishing and get off the water just in case.  i say that the spill occurred ‘last night’  but she is insistent that the barge traffic was stopped yesterday as well so that can’t be it.  after digging some more and reading another news post on it, i realize that the spill was Wed night not Thur night so i text her back to let her know that probably has been the problem all along, i just don’t know what day it is.

my phone help may not be in as big of demand now since i can’t get my news report days/dates right.. we will have to see.

HOWEVER, the big question in my mind since i hung up from that initial call was … why didn’t she ask my aunt who has a smartphone to look this up hahahaha

Book Review – Whistling Women by Kelly Romo


Addie Bates has an opportunity to return to San Diego where her life changed abruptly 15 years ago.  As part of the 1935 Worlds Fair, she has the chance to reconnect with family and find forgiveness for something she has never even really forgiven herself for.

The story is told through Addie and her 15 year old niece, Rumor, who didn’t know of each others existence until Addie’s return. The story follows Addie as she tries to reconnect with her estranged sister and overcome obstacles both new and old to rebuild their relationship.

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as their stories were slowly revealed throughout the course of the book.  The switches from present to past were very smooth and I never found myself wondering which time period we were in.


I definitely stayed up until 1am to finish this book) it gets a 4 out of 5 from me


A new category – Strange phone calls from mom.

so the other day, my cell phone rings, and it isn’t a number programmed in my phone which isn’t a big surprise because i am terrible about keeping my contacts updated. i answer it and it is my mom, i have a moment of concern because i know she was with my dad at a dr. appointment this morning.

Now, she has a cell phone, it can take pictures and texts but it isn’t a smart phone. so here is how it goes…  (mind you she is in Missouri, and I am in California)

Mom: I need directions to <something> farms in Campbell from Poplar Bluff

Me: you need what?!

Mom: directions to bader/vader (I couldn’t tell which she was saying) farms from Poplar Bluff, I need to know the best way.

Me: Umm OK… (opens google maps) what is it again?  vader farms?

Mom: no, Bader… Bob – andy-dog- edgar- roger

Me 🙁 googling)

Me: ahh OK, well the best way is to take blah blah highway

Mom: OK that is what I told your dad but he didn’t believe me

Me: WHY are we going to this farm?

Mom:  oh, I need some peaches.

Apparently Bader Farms has peaches worth driving MILES for

Bader Peach Farms Inc. Campbell, MO. – where every day is just peachy!




Bike the Bay again

2015-08-23 05.15.57

Well, we did it again, we rode over the Coronado bridge at the start of a 25+ mile Bike the Bay bike ride.  I was actually able to enjoy the view a little this year as I wasn’t stuck against the inside barrier sucking wind the whole time.   it was much more fun and relaxing than last year.  I have been riding back and forth to a friends house and either walking or biking for quite a few local errands recently.  Today i rode to the post office to start the process for a passport ( so we can go to Whistler at some point in the future )and then grabbed some lunch before heading home.

2015-09-03 12.59.33


on another note, I have started a gofundme for my little sister, she needs a little financial boost to get a car on the road after some unexpected setbacks.  donate, or at least share if you have a mind to. and thank you very much for either one.





Oceanside Pier




Yesterday afternoon i walked down to the commuter train and took it to the last stop headed west.  this is where i ended up. Oceanside Pier, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the view of the sea as well as watch fisherman bring in their catch.  i have always loved the ocean, but don’t spend as much time there as i should/could. i have been working on that.

IMG_7238 IMG_7218 IMG_7191 IMG_7175 IMG_7170 IMG_7161 IMG_7157 IMG_7153 IMG_7149 IMG_7146 IMG_7139

Weirdest Laundry Phenomenon, EVER.

catching up on some laundry today and i washed a bunch of socks.. everyone knows that is the best way to end up with less socks as they disappear during the washer/dryer process.  however today was a little different.  as i reached in to grab the clothes from the dryer i found this in the last handful…

this is quite improbable

this is quite improbable

clearly there will not be any other socks of the 15 or so pairs i put in that load, the chance that there are any others left alone by the sock monster when he went to the trouble of leaving me a neatly sorted pair is pretty ridiculous.

The time has come.

Over the years i have exercised in fits and starts, rarely doing more than a few days at a time before bailing out due to injury or more often laziness.

Last week i started back up on the Focus T-25 DVD set as well as started a C25K training program, i am proud to announce i have complete week one of each of these along with walking 2-3 miles on the off evenings of the training program.  i am hurting a little bit, but powering through.  some weight loss has occured, but i am in it much more for the healthy ness and getting in better shape in general than the numbers on the scale.

i am not going to fill the blog with daily or probably even weekly updates, but i wanted to throw it out there.  the more people who know the more accountable i will feel.

John is doing his own workouts as well as the C25K and off day walks with me, so together we will get healthy and enjoy life!!

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