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Friday Fictioneers 8-28-2020

He could see the flames dancing from the top of the hill but could not hear the crackle and pop of the fire. He was not sure if it was the house or the barn. He ran quickly, lungs burning as hot as the fire ahead.

As he got closer, he could see house was not aflame, it was his family dancing around the yard.  He had always known that he was different, but he had no idea how different until now and understood why his mother sent him into town every Friday with instruction not to return until morning.

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The Dare

Friday Fictioneers 8-21-2020

The dare was given, they could not say no, pride was at stake.   I was in bed waiting for my new wheelchair to be delivered so could not join them. As I saw the sky lighten over the house through my bedroom window, I watched the front walk for them. Surely, they were not able to sleep this late.  I doubt they slept at all.  I look at the clock again, nearly noon.  Where are they, they should have come with a report by now!  The phone rings, mother is at my door a look of agony on her face

Join me for some short story writing every Friday at Friday Fictioneers


if only we had listened

We tried to listen, but the excitement was just too much, we grabbed our towels and ran.  We loved those unpredictable waves, telling each other , “go farther”  to see who would be knocked down first. We love the water, at home the fast rushing river or creek, or the calm smooth lake, tasting nice and cool when you got it in your mouth.  The ocean was a whole new world every summer, salty and stinging, scary and exciting.  There was just no time for sunscreen…  if we had only realized how much time would be lost, when we could have been in the waves.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Mom and Granny were busy with something and it was HOT outside. There was no pool to play in, the slip and slide had offered it last slide ages ago, and we just wanted to cool off a little. We found something that our young brains thought would work just fine. Put it on a slope, add a little water from the spigot by the garden and voila! A redneck waterslide!
Turns out it was NOT a good idea, the ugly scar on my knee reminds me nearly every day that corrugated tin sheets do not a good water slide make.

The outline of a memory

It had to be nearby; she remembered walking this path to picnic in the shade with her grandparents. Now the area seemed so different yet so much the same it was hard to remember, should she have turned into the woods sooner, she remembered there was a tiny arbor at the end.
Suddenly, she felt she was in the right place, but she couldn’t see anything except a sprawling grapevine. As if by magic she realized the sprawling grapevine outlined the shape of a house, and barely held up a crumbling chimney, an outline, a memory of what was.

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The Hunt

As they speak in hushed voices, the telltale sound of the dogs gets louder. She shares her thoughts, he listens and replies.
They can tell by the sounds of the baying that the dogs are closing in on their prey.
Howling voices getting louder, shoulders tense, eyes begin to dart to the side of the path. They glance at one another to gauge readiness.
Suddenly a gray flash as the rabbit crosses ahead; too late the gun comes up! More time for her and her dad to talk as they listen to the beagles and the rabbit begin another circle…

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thank goodness for moonlight

Friday Fictioneer

Wrapped like a mummy, nothing visible but a nose. Rustling sounds outside keep us awake.  We know it is nothing dangerous, a chipmunk or squirrel, but the sounds are foreign, just enough to keep us alert. Time passes, a few whispers, a few giggles, a shush from the next tent over.  The cold seeps in the tent flap, we scoot together to stay warm. Oh no! The cold… We have had too much soda as we reveled in the freedom of the first long summer camping trip of the year.  Thank goodness the moon lights our way into the trees.

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