The outline of a memory

It had to be nearby; she remembered walking this path to picnic in the shade with her grandparents. Now the area seemed so different yet so much the same it was hard to remember, should she have turned into the woods sooner, she remembered there was a tiny arbor at the end.
Suddenly, she felt she was in the right place, but she couldn’t see anything except a sprawling grapevine. As if by magic she realized the sprawling grapevine outlined the shape of a house, and barely held up a crumbling chimney, an outline, a memory of what was.

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0 thoughts on “The outline of a memory

  1. Its a bit sad that time changes things as it does, but time is like gravity- unrelenting and unforgiving. At least she has the memories.

  2. This feels like stream of worried consciousness. I’ve been in the woods before not sure where I was supposed to be trying to get somewhere by memory. Very realistic in how it sounded in my head, lol.

    And I like the layout of your blog. I haven’t been to pinterest yet, but this reminded me of what it might be like, or how it would be if i used the photos from these flashes to ‘pin’ with the links to my stories.

    1. thank you 🙂 i was working on making it a primarily photo blog, but i just don’t post as often as i would like, so at least the prompts include a photo so i can keep up appearances 🙂