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Vacation Bible School

Everywhere i turn lately there is someone talking about vacation bible school.  either their kids…

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So, there i was…

standing in the kitchen looking confused, trying to figure out what to have for lunch. …

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Hummingbirds = Love

Hummingbirds were my maternal grandmothers favorite bird. i took these this afternoon and they always…

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Day 11 | Jan 11 | Water

  i took a picture earlier today of a glass of water, but then  i…

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Day 9 | Jan 9 | Paper

Paper, Priceless Paper These used to be a common sight in a teenage girls backpack…

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Day 6 | Jan 6 | Mine

These books are mine.   My copies of a book series i read a million times…

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The outline of a memory

It had to be nearby; she remembered walking this path to picnic in the shade…

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thank goodness for moonlight

Friday Fictioneer Wrapped like a mummy, nothing visible but a nose. Rustling sounds outside keep…

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#photoadayapril 4/25/2012 – Looking Down

not very mind blowing, but nevertheless Looking Down… hmm maybe i should go back and…

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#photoadayapril 4/18/12 – hair

this is not a great picture, it was taken with a cell phone a few…

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