Tara Rocks

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Summer Time

How many times have we discussed this, the tent, the chairs, everything has its place.

Why is there a chair in the trees?

No one has set up the camp kitchen!

The fire hasn’t even been set up, forget actually lit and ready to use.

Do you people even camp!?

And now we have to get out the bumbershoots because the rain has started.

But more importantly. No. Most importantly! The outhouse tent does not go this close to the living space! We are going to sleep and relax and fix meals right here!

This is just not right.


2 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Ah, the joys of multiple opinions each perceived as facts. I always tell my husband “You can stack the dishwasher or I can stack the dishwasher, but we can’t do it together.” I suspect the same applies to designing a campsite.

  2. She’s right, the place is a clusterf*ck! Maybe she can teach them how to do it right and all will be better off.

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