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Giving Thanks

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving ‘back home’ with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles,

It looks gross but it saves lives!

I spent the morning watching Sherlock Holmes, while hooked up to a machine that takes my

Weirdest Laundry Phenomenon, EVER.

catching up on some laundry today and i washed a bunch of socks.. everyone knows that is the best way to end up with less socks as they disappear during the washer/dryer process.  however today was a little different.  as i reached in to grab the clothes from the dryer i found this in the last handful… […]

mending the rift

I will tell you something not a lot of people know... my big sister

2014 revisited, a more fair review

OK, after a little more thought and not having been blindsided by the loss of

The year in review – basically 2014 sucked

i was going to try and write a coherent and thoughtful post about both the

are we crazy? BIke the Bay – Aug 24th

my husband and i have recently started bike riding again, we have both mountain/trail bikes

Vacation Bible School

Everywhere i turn lately there is someone talking about vacation bible school.  either their kids

So, there i was…

standing in the kitchen looking confused, trying to figure out what to have for lunch. 

Memories are odd things…

So i got this great new game for my laptop, Magic Puzzles, it basically allows