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2014 revisited, a more fair review

OK, after a little more thought and not having been blindsided by the loss of another loved one (extended family, but family still).  i have decided to offer 2014 a second chance at a review…

i still conclude that 2014 offered more than its fair share of unpleasantness compared to past years, i lost my last remaining grandparent, Pate,  at the end of March, our doggie, Spot, who was a part of the family for 15 years left us in July. but neither of these were big surprises and i was somewhat prepared for their eventuality, however the death of my big sister, Chrysta,  in November was a sudden and unexpected blow.  i am still reeling from this and expect to for a very long time, perhaps forever.  the strangest things still send me into tears, sometimes just a teary eye, sometimes uncontrollable sobs, it is totally random.

on the other hand, new family members arrived as well, a new great-nephew, a new niece and a new cousin come to mind, and i am sure there were others as well, and of course the opportunities presented to see family that i haven’t seen in years when gathering at my mom’s in March and again in November.

the good will always outweigh the bad as we all continue to live and love and celebrate the friends and family we have loved and lost and still have with us today.  those that know me know that i won’t allow myself to remain in yesterdays state of sad very long, life is too short and unpredictable.

Make every moment count.  Happy New Year.  Enjoy 2015



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