Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

It was the weirdest of times..

So it has been very weird recently. TP shortages, bottled water shortages. Our entire household of 4 adults is either work or school from home.

We have plenty of food in the house (and plenty of TP as we buy in bulk and just got a shipment in Jan (thank you toilet paper gods)), we have filtered water, and power and internet, what more could we really need?

I have been knitting, Animal Crossing just released, I have books, and a Kindle Unlimited account, so all is well

On an entirely different note, I heard today there is a yeast shortage, like seriously everyone suddenly wants to bake their own bread when they can’t even drink tap water, not sure how that is going to go.

On the other hand, I have always been intrigued by the idea of a sourdough starter and making my own sourdough bread.

This afternoon on the Facebooks, my mom posted a link to a starter ‘recipe’ if it can be called that, dump some flour and water in a bowl, stir and wait. That is the recipe, of course more instruction follows for the next few days to feed the starter and check on it to see if it is starting to smell yeasty and have bubbles, but really, it seems so simple.

So here is my Day 1, the flour and water are mixed in a glass bowl, and a towel placed over the top and now I wait 24 hrs to check on it and follow the next steps.

Sourdough starter, also known as flour and water in a bowl half covered with a tea towel