Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

Quarantine days

So, Monday, what can I say about Monday, here we are, working, trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as we can while leaving the house only when we must.

Our roommate, Erin is using the game room table for work (most people would use this area as a dining room, but that is just wasting space) and she notes that there is water on the floor over near the downstairs lavatory.

It turns out, it wasn’t as simple as a leaky sink or toilet, it’s a ‘slab leak’ and the repair actually needs to be done way over by the kitchen sink. So currently our floors and walls are all torn up to dry and on this coming Monday the plumber is coming to start the repairs which involves ‘going up and across the ceiling’

As we all tried to work at home this week, people came in to cut out portions of wall and then tear up the floor.

Now the fans are all going full blast and we are just pretending we are on a really really long flight because they are so loud.

So today I took myself out in the backyard for a bit

And then I worked on my knitting

Knitting on the patio

I was then inspired to have a summer bbq for lunch so I made up some coleslaw and deviled eggs and threw some hot dogs on the grill

Quarantine/ Shelter in Place can be a challenge but we just have to make the best of it, we are lucky that we are all in it together, and have enough room in our house to be apart if we want or need it, but we can also still be together to play a game or watch a tv show together.

If you can’t be with people right now, leverage the technology we have at our fingertips today, video call a friend or relative, use Zoom to have a virtual happy hour, or find an online game you can play with friends (zoom can make that more fun as well)

Comment on the post here or on whatever social media you see this one with other ideas for connecting with others during this time of self isolation 🙂