i definitely forgot…

how to knit.

i’ve never been a pro or even much past beginner, but i ran into a friend from my knitting group last weekend and promised to get back to the weekly gatherings. the next meeting would have been tonight but the hostess has been under the weather. i was just planning to go hang out as any project i might have going on needles was started so long ago who knows what the pattern even was. so this evening in lieu of the meeting i decided to start a new very very simple garter stitch dishcloth. yea… simple. so i turned to my trusty friend, youtube tutorials. found a wonderful lady who does a slow, repetitive cast on and knit stitch video and refreshed my memory. so short story long. i’ve now got a project going and maybe I can actually finish it. i have one of my fancy new better habits set up to knit a bit every evening after the other habits are done.

p.s. still rocking the better habits plan and mostly rocking the eating better plan. day 18, bitches.

Day 9

better eating. the weekend had a few rough spots as did monday, we didn’t make perfect dinner choices but we discussed the pros and cons and made a decision. today had us right back on track with a home-cooked meal.

better habits. i am doing great on the habits front day 9 still completing and tracking the habits i want to make part of my routine.

still making 2018 my bitch

Tiny little stockings continue… Finally



So finally I am getting some more done on the stocking.   The Kitchener stitch used to finish the toe is a challenge and i didn’t really ‘get it’ until I was almost done so the toe looks ok but it doesn’t look as neat as it should…   I think I have it now though and since it is also used to finish the heel I really hope I have it right. 🙂

Tiny little stockings

it has been awhile!  but i am back on the crafting bus 🙂  last night i went to an awesome class for Mini Christmas Stockings.. SO CUTE!  here is the top cuff and the leg of the sock so far.   another 6 or so rows and it will be time for the heel.  once i get that far, i go back to knit night for more direction 🙂   it is a challenge to work on such small needles, but it is a lot of fun once you get going 🙂  the toe and heel will be the red/white/green and the rest of the foot will be the red.

i will keep you updated!


March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog.


a very nice post by my mom honor some of the crafters she knows and many i know as well.

i will include her in this, as she has always encouraged me in my crafting endevours (and all other endevours as well, even those that seemed doom and indeed were doomed to fail) 🙂

so my Mom whos quilts cover my lap and crocheted slippers cover my feet 🙂


I need more than one project at a time, lest I bore you all to tears with the Earwarmer update du jour.

I spent a lovely evening at my old haunt, the 4S branch of the San Diego County Library…

Caught up with old friends from the knitting group, including my first knitting teacher Allison and Jill who was also in that very first class. Some new people who have joined in after I moved away, and also got to see the library people i used to volunteer with so it was a great night.

we even had a few drop in to see what we were doing and stay to learn!!

Much progress was made on the Earwarmer, including some practice in ‘un-knitting’ when i realized my reversible colors had managed to switch places… i considered pretending i did it on purpose and calling it stripes but decided that would be cheating 🙂

I figure it is about 3/4 done… maybe only 1/2 I haven’t yet decided how big it is going to be…  that is the beauty of something you make up yourself, YOU get to decide when it is done 😛

earwarmer update

well, the earwarmer is still going strong, i am posting some pictures of the current status and some closeups with a little more detail.. let me know what you think 🙂

Headband / Earwarmer

Between the holidays and being so sick I was pretty sure death was imminent, I didn’t get much of anything done and certainly no knitting or crocheting. So today in celebration of feeling SO much better and New Years Day I started a new project this afternoon after some internet research. A reversible earwarmer thinger. I am knitting on dpns with 2 colors

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