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More Quarantine days

So we have now been stay at home/ work from home since March 16th

We are still dealing with the kitchen flood, we took the opportunity to have some lights installed in our game room so those are done, and drywall repair and painting is now done as well. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday the flooring will go in.

In the meantime as well as working I have been knitting on the traveling afghan project

Block 3 from The Queen Stitch

And now I am working on Block7 by Christie Bodden Designs

With my assistant, Joey

Quarantine days

So, Monday, what can I say about Monday, here we are, working, trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as we can while leaving the house only when we must.

Our roommate, Erin is using the game room table for work (most people would use this area as a dining room, but that is just wasting space) and she notes that there is water on the floor over near the downstairs lavatory.

It turns out, it wasn’t as simple as a leaky sink or toilet, it’s a ‘slab leak’ and the repair actually needs to be done way over by the kitchen sink. So currently our floors and walls are all torn up to dry and on this coming Monday the plumber is coming to start the repairs which involves ‘going up and across the ceiling’

As we all tried to work at home this week, people came in to cut out portions of wall and then tear up the floor.

Now the fans are all going full blast and we are just pretending we are on a really really long flight because they are so loud.

So today I took myself out in the backyard for a bit

And then I worked on my knitting

Knitting on the patio

I was then inspired to have a summer bbq for lunch so I made up some coleslaw and deviled eggs and threw some hot dogs on the grill

Quarantine/ Shelter in Place can be a challenge but we just have to make the best of it, we are lucky that we are all in it together, and have enough room in our house to be apart if we want or need it, but we can also still be together to play a game or watch a tv show together.

If you can’t be with people right now, leverage the technology we have at our fingertips today, video call a friend or relative, use Zoom to have a virtual happy hour, or find an online game you can play with friends (zoom can make that more fun as well)

Comment on the post here or on whatever social media you see this one with other ideas for connecting with others during this time of self isolation 🙂

I did it!!! and Block 4

I have completed block 2! this is not a drill! I have completed block 2!

Also, No, you didn’t miss a post, I have skipped 3 because I don’t have a color I like for that pattern at this time, so I went on to 4 to use this cute green

Finally, Block 2

Traveling afghan knit block 2…

I have been SO intimidated by this block and have started it a few times and then given up when I got to anything that wasn’t just k or p.

After some encouraging words and some clarifications from a great group of crafters, (thanks #x-crafting if you are reading this) I decided to take some time this weekend to go for it.

So here we are, I am 9 rows in and there are some sl1 & sm so far and I am killing it 🙂

Thank you Nomad Stitches for a block that is challenging but manageable

For more information on the traveling afghan (both knit and crochet options available) Click Here

The saga continues

Man, I am really getting a lot of blog time from this dang block.

Today at work I grabbed my knitting to knock out a row or 2 and lo and behold my empty needle was nowhere to be found. I went out and checked the car but didn’t see it.

Had the kiddo at home check around where I usually stash my knitting but no luck.

As I left the office there was my poor needle sans row counter laying in the parking lot. It wasn’t broken but it was pretty roughed up, no more smoothly passing a stitch from one needle to the other.

Poor thing.
I can’t believe it didn’t actually break

And they were the only size 8 needles in my house…


But, I decided to check YAYB (yet another yarn bag) in the craft cave and lo and behold an old forgotten project on some longer metal needles, no one knows what it was supposed to be when fully formed so off it came and I knitted my poor little block onto the new needles

There we go, now we can see it not all scrunched up

I am about halfway done and getting psyched up to start block 2, clearly it won’t take as long as this one 🙂

Loving this color…

I grabbed this because it had a few rows on my size 8 needles which is what I needed for this 1st afghan block, but the more I see it the more I love it. I am not generally a fan of yellow, but this one is really growing on me. My original plan was to use different colors of whatever I have for each block but now I am giving serious thought to making more in this same color. What do you think?

I have many jillions of different colors of the Lily Sugar and Cream (of which this yellow is one)

Progress is being made! Next up. Row 17!
This color, though…

Here we go again

So the Traveling Afghan block 2 pattern is now available. So that is exciting except it looks way more complicated than I’m ready for and due to multiple restarts I am on row 10 of the first block… Again.

It does seem a bit neater this time around, I think this is try number 4?

So I will power through and finish this one and try to find my knitting cheat sheet book and figure out how to knit from a chart (sweet jesus)

Thank you Nomad Stitches for block 2!

Can’t we all just knit along

I stumbled on a post the other day for an international knit/crochet along project sponsored by Lion Brand and hosted by Two of Wands
Please click links above for a kit and full details on the traveling afghans

I was intrigued and shared the link with my mother. She has opted to do the crochet while I will do the knitting.

I will be posting pictures of my progress here, there will be a new pattern every two weeks for your knitting or crocheting pleasure. By the end, we will have 24 10×10 squares to put together in a 4×6 configuration. If you decide to join in, shoot me a message and let me know, we can work together!

Is it ramen? Or is it an unfinished knitting project being pulled out to use for something else!?
5 rows down, 55 to go!