Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

The saga continues

Man, I am really getting a lot of blog time from this dang block.

Today at work I grabbed my knitting to knock out a row or 2 and lo and behold my empty needle was nowhere to be found. I went out and checked the car but didn’t see it.

Had the kiddo at home check around where I usually stash my knitting but no luck.

As I left the office there was my poor needle sans row counter laying in the parking lot. It wasn’t broken but it was pretty roughed up, no more smoothly passing a stitch from one needle to the other.

Poor thing.
I can’t believe it didn’t actually break

And they were the only size 8 needles in my house…


But, I decided to check YAYB (yet another yarn bag) in the craft cave and lo and behold an old forgotten project on some longer metal needles, no one knows what it was supposed to be when fully formed so off it came and I knitted my poor little block onto the new needles

There we go, now we can see it not all scrunched up

I am about halfway done and getting psyched up to start block 2, clearly it won’t take as long as this one 🙂