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Here we go again

So the Traveling Afghan block 2 pattern is now available. So that is exciting except it looks way more complicated than I’m ready for and due to multiple restarts I am on row 10 of the first block… Again.

It does seem a bit neater this time around, I think this is try number 4?

So I will power through and finish this one and try to find my knitting cheat sheet book and figure out how to knit from a chart (sweet jesus)

Thank you Nomad Stitches for block 2!

2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Yeah, block two is definitely more complicated than block one! And, I’m not 100% sure I really even like block two :-/ I do really like the crochet block two, though, so once I get through the knit one, I’m probably going to make one of those, just for kicks 🙂

    1. I have been thinking of doing some of the crochet, but have never really gotten the hang of it, maybe once I get a few more of the knitting ones done I will branch out a bit 🙂

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