Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

Birthday Extravaganza

So this year, actually in 5 short days, I will turn 50. With the Covid situation as it is, there will be no super soft birthday party with a magician and petting zoo, much to my chagrin

I did however get fantastic gifts!!

Firstly a new camera, the better to carry in my pocket and take pictures of all the things rather than packing around the giant DSLR, so a few examples.

I got a nice close up of some doves on the lattice fence

Pop Rose
And a pretty ‘pop’ rose that was processed IN CAMERA!!

Secondly! I GOT A NEW GRILL!!

Then we decided to throw some chuck roast in to make some BBQ burnt ends, and learned we are actually geniuses, this was SO, SO good!

Stay tuned for many more pictures and food, and pictures of food!!!