Day 6

still making better meal choices. We had dinner out friday night, but once in a 5 day period is honestly unheard of for us. we rarely cook even one meal at home during the week.

spent the afternoon today with the kid, we cleaned and decluttered the desk and shelf unit in my old office room and then i helped her sort through a bunch of boxes she had stored here in her old room. we made great progress! what a feeling of accomplishment!

there were some tears as we stumbled across things that would evoke a sudden memory of some we have lost (a rock of all things was my kryptonite today), but that was tempered by finding silly forgotten things like this…

and these fangs! and bow tie!

and i still can’t find my pecan…

Day 4, bitches

so i decided this year to make no resolutions, i am going to make *changes*

build better habits, eat better food, in general just be better in many ways

i guess you could say that better is my word for 2018


so it is day 4, i have done all the things i have in mind for right now for 4 days in a row.  i am going to sporadically update on my successes and failures as we go.  but for now.  success!!