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Finally, Block 2

Traveling afghan knit block 2…

I have been SO intimidated by this block and have started it a few times and then given up when I got to anything that wasn’t just k or p.

After some encouraging words and some clarifications from a great group of crafters, (thanks #x-crafting if you are reading this) I decided to take some time this weekend to go for it.

So here we are, I am 9 rows in and there are some sl1 & sm so far and I am killing it 🙂

Thank you Nomad Stitches for a block that is challenging but manageable

For more information on the traveling afghan (both knit and crochet options available) Click Here https://www.twoofwands.com/travelingafghans

Can’t we all just knit along

I stumbled on a post the other day for an international knit/crochet along project sponsored by Lion Brand and hosted by Two of Wands
Please click links above for a kit and full details on the traveling afghans

I was intrigued and shared the link with my mother. She has opted to do the crochet while I will do the knitting.

I will be posting pictures of my progress here, there will be a new pattern every two weeks for your knitting or crocheting pleasure. By the end, we will have 24 10×10 squares to put together in a 4×6 configuration. If you decide to join in, shoot me a message and let me know, we can work together!

Is it ramen? Or is it an unfinished knitting project being pulled out to use for something else!?
5 rows down, 55 to go!