Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

The order

You can barely see him on the other side of the glass, shoulders hunched over the bench, tools close at hand

Each movement carefully planned as he selects a tool, and with hammer starts the pattern

The children look on, wanting to help but knowing with this project it is time to be quiet and learn

The carving complete, he grabs the stains and dyes to add color to the design

He selects the first stamps and adds the letters to the skirt

The saddle is done , it now only needs delivered to the big house on the hill


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My Grandfather was a leatherworker and the saddlery sign in the window inspired this story, I can recall hours spent watching him create amazing detail in leather, and being allowed to stamp my name on a scrap of leather was always an exciting moment. The saddles above are some of his work

6 thoughts on “The order

  1. Some craftspeople are so brilliantly skillful in their work that you literally hold your breath while watching them. You capture just these moments in your story. Btw, what a great memory to have your grandfather!

  2. When young ones can watch the elders with awe and reverence it’s a good thing. Some among the watchers may decide to follow grandfather’s footsteps in the trade. Cool that this story was based on your own experience.

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