Trying new things…

branching out a little today. I made a bracelet with stampy stuff and beads. I was a little heavy handed with the color on the backs so it bled through on some of them thanks to Jazi Crafts & Genevieve Rodriguez

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santa claus is coming to town…

…and he is NOT going to have a hat because I am pretty sure I am NOT going to have it completed in time 🙂 I got more crocheting done last night at Jazi Crafts, but i still have a loooooonnnnggggg way to go

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Stocking developments

And so it begins… 2 inches of red, no problem.. 10 inches of the main color.. oh man, that is going to take forever… and the heel is turned.. but now what happens, it isn’t even connected to the rest of the stocking anywhere but the top…. OOOOhhhhhh so that is how you do it.. […]

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