I need more than one project at a time, lest I bore you all to

earwarmer update

well, the earwarmer is still going strong, i am posting some pictures of the current

Next Project, planning ahead

I think I am going to tackle this next, I need a dedicated craft bag,

Headband / Earwarmer

Between the holidays and being so sick I was pretty sure death was imminent, I

apologies to the hat

So….. my awesome crochet teacher, Dee, assures me that the hat does not hate me,

The santa hat of doom

No really. This hat hates me. It seems the more I crochet the more I

not particularly craft related

this is my living room ceiling… the roofer can’t do anything about it until Thursday,

Candy Cane Cozy

This was a quick fun project we did in a class last week.  a little

Trying new things…

branching out a little today. I made a bracelet with stampy stuff and beads. I

santa claus is coming to town…

…and he is NOT going to have a hat because I am pretty sure I