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#marchphotoaday 3/9/2012 – Red

another picture from my archives as time got away from me today…

as a child i spent many many MANY hours sitting in my grandparents house or better yet, out in one of their many hammocks in the yard and surrounding forest with these books in hand.  most of the stories i could still tell you the plot line and often character names and specific actions.  so a few years ago I was messing around on e-bay and found a full set of them.  i had never really used e-bay but made it my goal to own these books for my very own as there were still grandchildren and great grandchildren of an age to read the originals at my grandparents house.

Never was i more excited to receive a package as the day a set of my very own book trails arrived… now the characters , The Invisible Warrior and Krencipal and Krencipalka come to life again in my home, just as they did at my grandparents so many years ago….

2 thoughts on “#marchphotoaday 3/9/2012 – Red

  1. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, I rate this blogpost a 15! I grew up with the Book Trails too and am glad you were able to find a set.

  2. Thanks teej i love your passionate sentiments. some stuff is certainly sacred, no alliteration intended. i love the pictures in the front where i would travel down that road with that giant rabbit and fox and their belongings on the sticks held over their shoulders and wearing pirate bandanas….. the witch house….. SO ENCHANTING!
    love yu

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