March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog.


a very nice post by my mom honor some of the crafters she knows and many i know as well.

i will include her in this, as she has always encouraged me in my crafting endevours (and all other endevours as well, even those that seemed doom and indeed were doomed to fail) 🙂

so my Mom whos quilts cover my lap and crocheted slippers cover my feet 🙂

Amigurumi night!

So…. Monday night was Amigurumi night… we gathered at Michelle’s house now that JaziCrafts has closed its doors. (don’t worry is still there)

we were working on Hedgehog part 2 having completed, well ok, mostly completed the homework assignment of ear & arm making 🙂

so there we were… talking about politics and current events and other very important things, when someone mentions that we should have taken pictures of the before hedgehog and the after hedgehog… and it just went down hill from there…

so with no further adieu, feast your eyes on the first public advertisement for our NEW business venture….

Feeling left out because you have no fur?

there is hope for everyone!

don't take their mockery any longer!

you will see improvement practically overnight!

take it from me, I'm not just a client.......




the checkerboard hat

so finally after a few false starts and some creative swearing and throwing things, the checkerboard hat finally this evening started to look as if there would be some checkerboard happening…. i started the row for the color change for the blocks to start taking shape, SO exciting!

the top of the hat as it starts coming together.

a close up of the switch..


i love yarning night…

good friends, funny stories (can you say Zippy, the Amish girl?)  and even a little bit of crocheting 🙂  the hat is coming along nicely…

i am using this pattern–h–Checkered-Hat.html It is supposed to be an easy beginner pattern… but i found it to be less than easy to get started… when you work a round and then have to turn to go back the other direction for the next round… what do you do with the other color you aren’t actively crocheting with…. well, i will tell you, you hide it inside the stitches, but you might notice the pattern doesn’t point that out… maybe there is an easier way.. i would love to hear it if there is…

but anyway.. i got it sorted out, and with the extra yarn running through, it will be a nice warm hat to keep me warm in these frigid san diego winters…

It has been a while…

i have a few projects going, i made a cupcake at Amigurumi class last week.  i love that class…  Also i have been trying to get a hat crocheted up, and it has been giving me fits… i think i wrestled it into submission this evening after 3 crochet how to books and some tutorial videos 🙂

when finished it will be a checkerboard patterned hat.  i will take it along to Yarning Night at Jazi Crafts tomorrow night for some critique as i finish up.


I  started another cupcake while at my old Rancho Bernardo knitting group last night at the 4S library. hoping to get a few done up and learn the coffee/tea cup pattern as well to give to some little girls i know 🙂




My new hat

definitely crocheting a hat.. new colors.. purple and teal.. thought I would try something new 🙂  it will be a checkerboard pattern.. sort of a challenge with some stitch counting and color changing, but nothing too crazy, just single crochet all around.  it was Knit Night at Jazi Crafts tonight.  lots of awesome people to hang out with.

I will try to get some pictures of the beginnings of the hat up here tomorrow

tomorrow is also the 2 page layout class at Jazi Crafts and i am signed up for that… i haven’t scrapbooked in quite a while I am really looking forward to it.  the instructor is the same that taught my bracelet class right before Christmas.