T99, wait no 99k

So as i sit here this morning enjoying my coffee and a quick crossword puzzle before the rest of the household begins to stir, the phone rings.

i see my mom’s name on the screen and know it is time for  a strange phone call from mom!

i can hear a  lot of background noise and realize it is an auctioneer going a mile a minute, and Mom says, ” i need you to do me a favor ASAP look up a singer T99 and see if it is a featherweight.”

To many this may seem like gibberish, but i hopped into action and googled “Singer T99 Sewing Machine “.Mmom confirms she can’t get too close to it so isn’t sure of the model number, my google search comes back with a 99k in a search result and just about then she confirms it is indeed a 99k   As i read to her from one of the links, that it is not a featherweight, but appears to be the precursor to such and it comes in just under 30 lbs.  we discuss the prices on the ebay/etsy listings and she determines her highest bid and we disconnect the call.

i love my mom and as always, you know that i feel it is important to tell people you love them, even if it is simply by asking for an auction item lookup and delivering said data in a quick, concise response 😀

I will update later with the results, did she get it, or did someone bid higher?!  (i know you can’t wait for the results)

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog.


a very nice post by my mom honor some of the crafters she knows and many i know as well.

i will include her in this, as she has always encouraged me in my crafting endevours (and all other endevours as well, even those that seemed doom and indeed were doomed to fail) 🙂

so my Mom whos quilts cover my lap and crocheted slippers cover my feet 🙂

toy or collectors item :P you decide

so i stopped in across the street at an estate sale the other morning.. and my eyes quickly found this…

a lovely old singer

i was told by the guy running the sale that it works, and for $20 i was more than willing to take that chance.

a little googling and i now know, it is a Singer Slant-o-Matic Special (Designed for modern, functional and decorative sewing)  it appears to have been manufactured in the early 60s

.. but whatever, i think it is absolutely adorable.  i just plugged it in and lo and behold the needle did just what a sewing machine needle should… it moved up and down!

it uses something called fashion discs which did not come with the machine, but appear to be available for a modest amount on various websites, and i got a copy of the manual online as well (who loves the internet? i love the internet, i do, i do, i dooooo)

and how can you go wrong with this