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#photoadayapril 4/25/2012 – Looking Down

not very mind blowing, but nevertheless Looking Down… hmm maybe i should go back and do Stairs too… is that cheating?

anyway… this is a photo looking down the stairs in my house and hanging there on the railing is a quilt, my mom made that for my grandma and when we lost my grandma last year, my aunt sent the quilt back home with me to california.   i knew as i unpacked it that it would be living there on my railing.  i see a slightly modified version of this view from my office as i work each day, and on even the worst day i can look at that quilt and it connects me to so many family members, even though they are all far away in one way or another.  some day if i have a bad enough day, it could even come off that rail to be wrapped around me, but so far just the thought of those hugs are enough.  i don’t really have a lot of bad days 🙂

it is an extra bonus that the quilt is purple and teal.  those are my favorite colors and  the quilt my mom and i made for me as my first foray into quilting is also purple and teal.  and as a parting thought, a picture of my grandma with her quilt, i love that face 🙂

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog

March is National Craft Month! Bringing the past to the present! « Oldentimes’s Blog.


a very nice post by my mom honor some of the crafters she knows and many i know as well.

i will include her in this, as she has always encouraged me in my crafting endevours (and all other endevours as well, even those that seemed doom and indeed were doomed to fail) 🙂

so my Mom whos quilts cover my lap and crocheted slippers cover my feet 🙂

rotary cutters ARE dangerous and i made 2 quilt blocks

so i have this quilt i have been planning to make for 6 months or so… but just haven’t had the gumption to get the craft room straightened out and get started on it…


Enter Jazi Crafts and the Thursday night Sewing D!  i whipped up 2 – 9 patch blocks lickety split and then sat around making and listening to inappropriate jokes/comments and having a great time.  pictures will be forthcoming, but since it is a suprise-ish quilt i don’t want to give it away too early.  i still have a bunch of blocks to make and then get it all put together for quilting, but we are going to have another sewing night next week so perhaps i will get the fabric cut ahead of time for some power sewing.


and always, ALWAYS close the cover of your rotary cutter even if you are just quickly rearranging things on your table, or some other innocent thing, not really involving rotary cutters at all.. they WILL cut you and you WILL bleed a profuse amount… i am fine, it was a shallow cut, but it was so quick i didn’t even realize until the blood started.. so that is my safety report for the day

(0 days with no accidents)