#marchphotoaday 3/10/2012 – Loud

while visiting family in the rural area where i grew up, my mom and i spent some time at a sawmill, no fancy computers or robot arms here to move the logs around, just some guys and the noise was something else.

my original plan was to go to the civil war reenactment near my house today for some cannon photos, but a bad headache precluded that plan.

#marchphotoaday 3/9/2012 – Red

another picture from my archives as time got away from me today…

as a child i spent many many MANY hours sitting in my grandparents house or better yet, out in one of their many hammocks in the yard and surrounding forest with these books in hand.  most of the stories i could still tell you the plot line and often character names and specific actions.  so a few years ago I was messing around on e-bay and found a full set of them.  i had never really used e-bay but made it my goal to own these books for my very own as there were still grandchildren and great grandchildren of an age to read the originals at my grandparents house.

Never was i more excited to receive a package as the day a set of my very own book trails arrived… now the characters , The Invisible Warrior and Krencipal and Krencipalka come to life again in my home, just as they did at my grandparents so many years ago….

#marchphotoaday 3/8/2012 – Window

i wandered around the house  pondering a good window picture and then remembered this awesome picture i took last month looking out the window at my mom’s house…

The dogs previously used the motorcycle to get into the back of a pickup that is used to haul trash, dad got smart and moved the bike over, but the dogs were still trying to figure out why they couldn’t get into the truck 🙂 hilarity ensued!  it was also cold and snowing and that is why i took the picture from inside through the window, my southern California metabolism can’t handle the cold 🙂

Biker Dogs

#marchphotoaday 3/7/2012 – Something You Wore

Day 7… Something You Wore

Well, growing up, we had everything we needed: food, clothes, shelter, and lots of love.  there were a lot of things we WANTED but that was harder to get.  Looking back I am thankful for the things we did have, even though back then i would have really loved just one name brand pair of jeans or sneakers 😛

I like to think I  have raised my daughter with the same ideals as she knows that if she needs something she has but to ask and it appears before her, but if she WANTS something, that too can be arranged, but is going to take a little more time, and probably some effort on her part.

So below you see that now as an adult i can indulge my wants a little more so i introduce to you my Converse Sneakers 😛  i love them, i wear them almost exclusively.  as  a matter of fact there is a pair missing here, that i wish i still had, they were so worn out that last year when i was back ‘home’ visiting family my aunt felt the need to shore up my poor grey lo-tops with camoflauge duct tape.  For Christmas my daughter bought me the black lo-tops to replace the poor little things and i finally a week or so after Christmas bid them adieu, much to my husbands delight.

My daughter also has a collection, including 3 or 4 pairs of various batman themed cons as well as a knee high pair that i covet 😛  these have all been purchased with her own money.  perhaps those will appear someday in another post 🙂

#marchphotoaday 3/5/2012 – Smile

Pate and Grandma

I will confess that i did not take this picture, but it is one of my favorites of my grandma and grandpa. i am pretty sure my aunt took it.  but really who can resist these smiles, we have lost my grandmother since this was taken and my grandfather’s health is not very good at the moment, but i look at this picture and  am just inspired by the love they had for one another and our entire family

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