Month: March 2012

#marchphotoaday 3/10/2012 – Loud

while visiting family in the rural area where i grew up, my mom and i

#marchphotoaday 3/9/2012 – Red

another picture from my archives as time got away from me today… as a child

#marchphotoaday 3/8/2012 – Window

i wandered around the house  pondering a good window picture and then remembered this awesome

I interrupt this photo challenge to bring you…

my new great nephew, Parker. ¬†he is kind of cute, don’t ya think?? His Uncle

#marchphotoaday 3/7/2012 – Something You Wore

Day 7… Something You Wore Well, growing up, we had everything we needed: food, clothes,

#marchphotoaday 3/6/2012 – 5pm

#marchphotoaday 3/6/2012 - 5pm

the wind is blowing, a storm is brewing

#marchphotoaday 3/5/2012 – Smile

I will confess that i did not take this picture, but it is one of