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february is such a fucking roller coaster

i hate february. i love february. i hate february.  

Day 6

still making better meal choices. We had dinner out friday night, but once in a

happy new year

2016 was not a terrible year, we played some games,  got to travel a bit,

my mom is magic!! and merry christmas

i am going to flip the script a bit here, this wasn’t a strange phone

T99, wait no 99k

So as i sit here this morning enjoying my coffee and a quick crossword puzzle

Giving Thanks

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving ‘back home’ with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles,

mending the rift

I will tell you something not a lot of people know... my big sister

So, there i was…

standing in the kitchen looking confused, trying to figure out what to have for lunch. 

Hummingbirds = Love

Hummingbirds were my maternal grandmothers favorite bird. i took these this afternoon and they always bring her to mind, she would have been 94 on feb 11, but she passed away in 2011. I am blessed to have so many hummingbirds at my house year round  and i try to keep the feeder filled with […]

The Hunt

As they speak in hushed voices, the telltale sound of the dogs gets louder. She