#marchphotoaday 3/15/2012 – Car

i love this car.. many many years ago my dad and i were driving down the road, i think we were going fishing, but i don’t remember for sure (and it isn’t really relevant to this story) and we drove past an apartment complex with a 1969 Ford Bronco parked out front, it was a metallic purple with sort of a silvery shimmer around the wheel wells.

we both remarked that we would love to have an old bronco, dad had one when i was very little and i don’t remember it but remember seeing pictures of it. Broncos have always been a favorite of mine.

so we went on to do whatever it was.. fishing, hunting, maybe just going to get a bite to eat and as we came back through past the apartments dad says, ‘i wonder if they would sell that bronco’ so i suggested we stop and i would go ask around in the building and see if the owner would sell.  of course it didn’t have a for sale sign or any indication that it had been abandoned, rather it looked as if someone was in the process of fixing it up.

so anyway up to the first convenient doorway i went and gave a quick knock, by now hoping no one would actually answer because i was sure they were going to think i was a wacko and run me off :).  lo and behold the first door is answered by a young man, probably about my age at the time (early 20s).  i ask if he knows who the Bronco belongs to and he admits it is his, so i ask if he would be interested in selling it, that my dad and i were very interested in taking it off his hands.  fate was working overtime that afternoon as it turns out.  he had just gotten engaged and his fiance wanted the Bronco gone.  so he came out and haggled with dad a bit and a few days later we were the proud owners of one purple Bronco.  it served us well over the years and finally moved back to Missouri with my parents when they headed back ‘home’.  it served a few more years there but time took its toll and now she decorates the side yard at their house.  as my mom mentions in a blog of her own, Betsy as we called her (the bronco, not mom) will be one of the first recipients of a makeover if we ever win the lottery.

#marchphotoaday 3/9/2012 – Red

another picture from my archives as time got away from me today…

as a child i spent many many MANY hours sitting in my grandparents house or better yet, out in one of their many hammocks in the yard and surrounding forest with these books in hand.  most of the stories i could still tell you the plot line and often character names and specific actions.  so a few years ago I was messing around on e-bay and found a full set of them.  i had never really used e-bay but made it my goal to own these books for my very own as there were still grandchildren and great grandchildren of an age to read the originals at my grandparents house.

Never was i more excited to receive a package as the day a set of my very own book trails arrived… now the characters , The Invisible Warrior and Krencipal and Krencipalka come to life again in my home, just as they did at my grandparents so many years ago….

#marchphotoaday 3/8/2012 – Window

i wandered around the house  pondering a good window picture and then remembered this awesome picture i took last month looking out the window at my mom’s house…

The dogs previously used the motorcycle to get into the back of a pickup that is used to haul trash, dad got smart and moved the bike over, but the dogs were still trying to figure out why they couldn’t get into the truck 🙂 hilarity ensued!  it was also cold and snowing and that is why i took the picture from inside through the window, my southern California metabolism can’t handle the cold 🙂

Biker Dogs

#marchphotoaday 3/5/2012 – Smile

Pate and Grandma

I will confess that i did not take this picture, but it is one of my favorites of my grandma and grandpa. i am pretty sure my aunt took it.  but really who can resist these smiles, we have lost my grandmother since this was taken and my grandfather’s health is not very good at the moment, but i look at this picture and  am just inspired by the love they had for one another and our entire family

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