Month: April 2012

#photoaday 4/13/12 – something you found

this is another from the archives. ┬ácirca 1987 or so… my Buddy cat, he literally

#photoadayapril 4/11/2012 – where i ate breakfast

another from the archives… i haven’t eaten breakfast here in a long time, but there

#photoadayapril 4/10/2012 – cold

i live in southern california so cold is a happily distant memory from when i

#photoadayapril 4/9/2012 – younger you

this is my favorite picture of me, my mom made this awesome purple outfit.  this

#photoadayapril 4/7/2012 – shadows (of the past)

the prompt from today’s photo challenge was shadows, i dug through some pictures and even