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#photoadayapril 4/7/2012 – shadows (of the past)

the prompt from today’s photo challenge was shadows, i dug through some pictures and even wandered outside a bit trying to find the picture i wanted capture, and then when i was looking through some other non shadow pictures, i stumbled up on this one.  i can remember when this was a functioning gate that had to be opened and closed if you wanted to travel down the road into the woods past our barn.  more often than not it was just climbed over, unless we were on our bikes or motorcycles, or hauling trash to the dump in our old truck.  funny now that taking the trash out means walking around the corner of the house, or rolling the bins to the street it is an avoided chore, but i remember when we clamored and fought and begged to be allowed to take out the trash, it meant loading it all in the truck and being allowed to drive down that road and through that gate, that the passenger had to open, the driver never had to stoop as low as getting out to open the gate*. once arrived at the dump it was fun to throw the bags out and see who could throw the farthest down the hill into the little ravine that served as our family dump, i am sure that there are treasures untold for one brave enough to climb down there and dig, broken toys and bicycles, some appliances and if memory serves probably some automobiles as well.

so i submit for your perusal, a shadow of my past.

*this phrase reminded me of a song i love as i was typing it.. Cowboy Logic by Michael Martin Murphey.

4 thoughts on “#photoadayapril 4/7/2012 – shadows (of the past)

  1. Oh the memories of that gate….did you leave it open for the cow to get out??? NO of course you didn’t…..race you to the truck TJ if you win you drive….

  2. Love the photo – an old, falling apart gate – gives great memories back – isn’t fantastic how we recall moments of our lives!

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