Hummingbirds = Love


Hummingbirds were my maternal grandmothers favorite bird. i took these this afternoon and they always bring her to mind, she would have been 94 on feb 11, but she passed away in 2011. I am blessed to have so many hummingbirds at my house year round  and i try to keep the feeder filled with sweet sugar water, because i know when i see them flitting around that she is with me. growing up she and my grandfather were just a few miles away, a trip i took many times on my bicycle or motorcycle growing up. Even as an adult after i moved over a thousand miles away,  i still took time at least once a year to get back ‘home’ and visit with her.

My grandmother on my dad’s side was also a lover of animals and always had a dog around, she even once had a pet wild squirrel she rescued as an orphaned baby.  She would have been 95 next month. although she passed away in 1981 I was lucky enough to live next door to  her and spend time with her nearly every day for all of those 11 years.

Family is precious, you may not love all of yours all the time, but remember we only have each other for a short while and we don’t know how long that will be.  So tell them you love them, and spend as much time with them as you can.

Day 11 | Jan 11 | Water



i took a picture earlier today of a glass of water, but then  i remembered this sequence of images i took a few years ago when my nephew was visiting and i took him for his first visit to the beach…  i was torn between warning him about he wave coming in and taking pictures of his reaction.  as you can see, taking pictures won out.


Day 9 | Jan 9 | Paper


Paper, Priceless Paper

These used to be a common sight in a teenage girls backpack and notebook, i think now they are almost completely replaced by IMs and text messages. these are notes to and from my now husband when we were in high school.  each page a reminder of the fact that even 26 years ago we were silly and in love, much like today.

as i sit and read through them i can sometimes remember what was happening when they were written, there is the one that says simply ‘ i love you’, the one with the elaborate ‘font’,  the long drawn out 2 page conversation one night as we sat on his bed each reading a book on either end passing the page back and forth, getting sillier and sillier as we went.  and my personal favorite, the little ones with the times on them, that i sent with him the day he had internal suspension so he could open and read one for each of those long drawn out hours with nothing else to do.

I am glad we have these little reminders of those times, sometimes they seem so long ago, but a simple piece of paper can make them seem like yesterday.

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Day 8 | Jan 8 | Something beginning with ‘T’


of course i could have gone with the obvious ‘tara’ (that’s me!) but instead we have ‘together’ this is the first time in many years all 4 of us girls have been together.  we celebrated thanksgiving with mom and dad and in this picture we are just about to fall over we are in the middle of laughing so hard.  why were we laughing you ask, who knows, it is enough to remember the laughter itself and the joy of being together and no doubt being very very silly.

i love my sisters and i wish we could all get together a little more often with one on each coast and 2 in the middle it takes a lot of effort to get us all together in one place at the same time.

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Day 6 | Jan 6 | Mine

Camera Uploads

These books are mine.   My copies of a book series i read a million times at my grandparents home.  They could take me away to many distant lands and teach me about different people and cultures.  i bought these on ebay a few years ago because i wanted to be able to see them and read them anytime i wanted, and now they also take me back to my grandparents hammock, or couch depending on the weather outside. there are very few better places to imagine yourself with a book in your hand.


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Christmas is over…

Well, Christmas is over, although i am still enjoying some vacation days.  Christmas to me is all about being with family and the friends you consider family.  but of course the presents are nice too 🙂

This year as we unwrapped gifts on Christmas Eve, i got everything i wanted, including the warmest fuzziest slipper boots  I have ever owned, my feet think they have died and gone to heaven.  also a Captain America hoodie that my husband swears i am never allowed to wear if i go out in public with him. a great laptop case for my new baby laptop….

2012-12-27 10.59.25

My in-laws sent us the most delightful shipment of chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries, my single most favorite snack in the world.  Technically it was for the whole family so i have been forced to share.

The stocking of course had the main staples of a chocolate orange and some sweetarts.

Christmas day was spent with friends for dinner and some long overdue hanging out.  then back home to spend some time doing nothing specific 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas

#photoadaymay – the weather today

it is a lovely sunny day, we have a lot of them here to be honest.  i don’t miss the cold and snow from New England, although i could do with a few more thunderstorms.  we are planning to do a little cook out later, nothing fancy, probably hot dogs and potato salad.  thanks to all our troops past and present on this Memorial Day weekend who give up time with their families allowing us to enjoy the freedom they provide.

Happy Mothers Day! #photoadaymay

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, over at she raised me up, taught me right from wrong, then at some point had to cross her fingers she had done it all right and stand back and let me make my own choices.  hopefully, i have made more good choices than bad, and she is as proud of me as i am to be her daughter.

i took this picture when she was out to visit me in california last spring.  hopefully she can come back soon, cause we have a lot more trouble we can get into 🙂

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