The Hunt

As they speak in hushed voices, the telltale sound of the dogs gets louder. She shares her thoughts, he listens and replies.
They can tell by the sounds of the baying that the dogs are closing in on their prey.
Howling voices getting louder, shoulders tense, eyes begin to dart to the side of the path. They glance at one another to gauge readiness.
Suddenly a gray flash as the rabbit crosses ahead; too late the gun comes up! More time for her and her dad to talk as they listen to the beagles and the rabbit begin another circle…

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#photoadayjune – on your plate

while not technically on my plate, since they don’t sit long enough to dirty a plate we just use a napkin 🙂  We are from New England and Dunkin’s was a near daily staple, something we have sorely missed since moving west.  my wonderful aunt and cousins were here this weekend  on Pendleton with my little cousin and picked up Dunkin’s and brought them to the house this morning.  what a delightful breakfast!!

it sounds like we can even get on base directly to get our own once in a while!