#photoadaymay – the weather today

it is a lovely sunny day, we have a lot of them here to be honest.  i don’t miss the cold and snow from New England, although i could do with a few more thunderstorms.  we are planning to do a little cook out later, nothing fancy, probably hot dogs and potato salad.  thanks to all our troops past and present on this Memorial Day weekend who give up time with their families allowing us to enjoy the freedom they provide.


Friday Fictioneer

She saw the sign and decided to apply.  Thinking as she filled in the blanks… no experience, no references, no chance. She waited for the call knowing what the answer would be but tried to keep her spirits up for their sake at least. Another day with no call, not a surprise, they probably didn’t read past her age and lack of job history. Finally a call, she answers with a weary voice ready for the rejection. Surprise!  An offer was given, finally now, food on the table for all of them, no more growling tummies at bed time.  Hope.

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#photoadaymay – pink

when we moved into this house, there were flowers everywhere, one of my favorites is the geraniums of many colors in the front and back yards.  i am not a huge fan of pink, usually avoiding it if possible, but i do love these geraniums.

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#photoadaymay – snack

i love snacks 🙂 i especially love snacks that have a healthy element and a junk food element 🙂 i had a get together  with some friends to watch Downton Abbey Season 2, it was a marathon session starting at 11am and going on until around 9pm.  we got through the whole season and the Christmas episode.  Now we just have to wait until January for season 3…  but anyway.. this was my snack using some of the leftovers from that gathering.  Dill Pickle Pringles are truly proof there is a higher power and he wants me to have tasty snacks 🙂

and for the record, this is a proper snack..

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Happy Mothers Day! #photoadaymay

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, over at Oldentimes.wordpress.com. she raised me up, taught me right from wrong, then at some point had to cross her fingers she had done it all right and stand back and let me make my own choices.  hopefully, i have made more good choices than bad, and she is as proud of me as i am to be her daughter.

i took this picture when she was out to visit me in california last spring.  hopefully she can come back soon, cause we have a lot more trouble we can get into 🙂

thank goodness for moonlight

Friday Fictioneer

Wrapped like a mummy, nothing visible but a nose. Rustling sounds outside keep us awake.  We know it is nothing dangerous, a chipmunk or squirrel, but the sounds are foreign, just enough to keep us alert. Time passes, a few whispers, a few giggles, a shush from the next tent over.  The cold seeps in the tent flap, we scoot together to stay warm. Oh no! The cold… We have had too much soda as we reveled in the freedom of the first long summer camping trip of the year.  Thank goodness the moon lights our way into the trees.

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