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Day 56 | Feb 25 | On Your Bedside Table

The bears are… JJ on the right, given to me by my husband on our first Valentine’s Day together, and JoJo on the left, given by me to him on our first Christmas together.  26 years ago this year.  some books I am reading, my spare glasses, phone charger and the wrist band i wore […]

Day 28 | Jan 28 | Through

Blood goes ‘through’ the tube into the apheresis machine and then back through the tube

Day 24 | Jan 24 | Stripes

The stripes of my pajamas that I am wearing because I don’t feel good and

Day 16 | Jan 16 | Two Things

  Two pairs of sneakers after a workout at the gym 🙂

Day 14 | Jan 14 | Something Yellow

The  Bat Signal on my daughter’s new sweater is yellow 🙂

Day 13 | Jan 13 | Circle

Circle 🙂 pretty self explanatory, but I decided to dress it up a little by taking the picture of said circle, through a slinky 🙂 Join the Photo a day challenge at Fat Mum Slim’s blog

Day 12 | Jan 12 | Surprise

Checking the weather for tomorrow morning certainly gave me a ‘surprise’.  I live in southern

Day 11 | Jan 11 | Water

  i took a picture earlier today of a glass of water, but then  i remembered this sequence of images i took a few years ago when my nephew was visiting and i took him for his first visit to the beach…  i was torn between warning him about he wave coming in and taking […]

Day 10 | Jan 10 | 1 o’clock

1 o’clock at one today we ran to the Smart and Final store on my lunch break to get some baking supplies, my daughter runs a little cupcake bakery and has an order to be delivered tomorrow evening, so we needed to grab some stuff to bring her ingredient inventory back into shape. sadly i […]