Oceanside Pier




Yesterday afternoon i walked down to the commuter train and took it to the last stop headed west.  this is where i ended up. Oceanside Pier, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the view of the sea as well as watch fisherman bring in their catch.  i have always loved the ocean, but don’t spend as much time there as i should/could. i have been working on that.

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Weirdest Laundry Phenomenon, EVER.

catching up on some laundry today and i washed a bunch of socks.. everyone knows that is the best way to end up with less socks as they disappear during the washer/dryer process.  however today was a little different.  as i reached in to grab the clothes from the dryer i found this in the last handful…

this is quite improbable

this is quite improbable

clearly there will not be any other socks of the 15 or so pairs i put in that load, the chance that there are any others left alone by the sock monster when he went to the trouble of leaving me a neatly sorted pair is pretty ridiculous.