Tara Rocks family,photography #photoadayapril 4/4/2012 – someone who makes you happy

#photoadayapril 4/4/2012 – someone who makes you happy

There are a lot of people who make me happy, but one person has done it consistently for the last 20+ years… and i hope will continue to do so forever…

we will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this fall and each day our relationship gets betterĀ andĀ stronger.

October 1989

March 2001

March 2001

April 2006

April 2006

i love this photo challenge, i don’t always get out and take a new picture, but there is something equally special about going through older pictures and remembering special people and special times.

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1 thought on “#photoadayapril 4/4/2012 – someone who makes you happy”

  1. viveka says:

    This is so lovely – and you seams very happy .. still. Fantastic !!! Never been a great believer in marriage – because very few I know have manage to work it out. So it so nice that there people like you two that prove that it can work. Love the post. Happy Easter to you both.

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