Tara Rocks

Well, she does…

A new toy, err.. I mean useful electronic device…

So, i love gadgets… and i have been wanting a tablet computer for a while but they were just outside my price range for ‘toy’.  i have been in an ongoing battle will Dell recently because the laptop i purchased in November 2011 has never really worked properly. i finally convinced them a month or so ago that no matter how many times they replaced the screen the touchscreen-ness was NOT EVER going to work properly. they decided the best solution was to allow me a full refund on the laptop so i could use that money to buy something else… well who doesn’t love it when they get all their money back on a year old product?!  so i jumped at the chance, and it was just my luck that they have recently released a new computer  the Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook.  i have always wanted a convertible, it is like a laptop and tablet IN ONE!  i had to have it!xps 12

i placed my order back on Nov 25th and much to my chagrin the estimated delivery date was 12/12/12.  sure it sounds like a cool day, but i wanted it right then, what good is next day delivery if you don’t actually get the product the next day….

fast forward to 12/11/12 and i get an email explaining politely that my order was delayed and my new estimated delivery date is 12/19 that one doesn’t even sound cool, it is just a regular day 🙁

today i get an new update indicating that my new estimated delivery date is 12/25 which is also a cool day, but not one you expect UPS or FedEx delivery on.. perhaps Santa Claus had brought in for an emergency delivery? (that was my husbands theory)

i call the nice folks at Dell, and they are nice, really, just not always so very helpful.  i just want to find out if i am really ever getting a new laptop because while the broken one is doing fine really (it was the touchscreen that has problems, everything else is fine) i have an RMA i need to use to send it back, but i want to transfer things to the new computer first.

i am assured that they are doing their best to get it out, although one of the 3 individuals i talk to confides that none of the recently ordered XPS 12s have been shipped as there is some sort of delay in getting a part or something and was not optimistic i would ever see a delivery and another of the 2 kindly bumped my shipping to next day, which is great but the next day after NEVER isn’t very comforting.  after speaking with the 3rd and last person of the day, i am pretty sure i am not getting a new computer for Christmas and i might as well just start  thinking of it as a Valentines Day present.

i am complaining in instant messages to any one who will listen (or at least not actively block my messages) when i get an email from Dell.. with a tracking number… with an estimated delivery of TOMORROW.

i can only assume from this experience that impatience and whining do indeed get you what you want..  (take that MOM!)

after i get it and play with it a bit i will let you know if it was worth the wait 😉