Day 6

still making better meal choices. We had dinner out friday night, but once in a 5 day period is honestly unheard of for us. we rarely cook even one meal at home during the week.

spent the afternoon today with the kid, we cleaned and decluttered the desk and shelf unit in my old office room and then i helped her sort through a bunch of boxes she had stored here in her old room. we made great progress! what a feeling of accomplishment!

there were some tears as we stumbled across things that would evoke a sudden memory of some we have lost (a rock of all things was my kryptonite today), but that was tempered by finding silly forgotten things like this…

and these fangs! and bow tie!

and i still can’t find my pecan…

Amigurumi night!

So…. Monday night was Amigurumi night… we gathered at Michelle’s house now that JaziCrafts has closed its doors. (don’t worry is still there)

we were working on Hedgehog part 2 having completed, well ok, mostly completed the homework assignment of ear & arm making 🙂

so there we were… talking about politics and current events and other very important things, when someone mentions that we should have taken pictures of the before hedgehog and the after hedgehog… and it just went down hill from there…

so with no further adieu, feast your eyes on the first public advertisement for our NEW business venture….

Feeling left out because you have no fur?

there is hope for everyone!

don't take their mockery any longer!

you will see improvement practically overnight!

take it from me, I'm not just a client.......