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The time has come.

Over the years i have exercised in fits and starts, rarely doing more than a few days at a time before bailing out due to injury or more often laziness.

Last week i started back up on the Focus T-25 DVD set as well as started a C25K training program, i am proud to announce i have complete week one of each of these along with walking 2-3 miles on the off evenings of the training program.  i am hurting a little bit, but powering through.  some weight loss has occured, but i am in it much more for the healthy ness and getting in better shape in general than the numbers on the scale.

i am not going to fill the blog with daily or probably even weekly updates, but i wanted to throw it out there.  the more people who know the more accountable i will feel.

John is doing his own workouts as well as the C25K and off day walks with me, so together we will get healthy and enjoy life!!