It looks gross but it saves lives!

I spent the morning watching Sherlock Holmes, while hooked up to a machine that takes my blood out of one arm and removes the platelets and then send the red cells and plasma, etc.  back in the other arm.  It takes close to 2 hours most times but the results are a bag of platelets that can be used to help a cancer patient, a kid with ITP, and any number of other health needs.

If you aren’t up for that you can always just donate whole blood. It helps people too!

I lost my best friend to cancer when I was 11, and my sister had ITP when she was in elementary school.  I currently have multiple friends who are being treated for cancer or other issues that require transfusions. It is the least I can do to sit in a chair watching a movie for a few hours knowing it can help improve or even save a life.  Think about it.

So I have been thinking….

I have decided the time is right to let everyone know…

i am a straight cisgender woman.


all this uproar about who gets to use what bathroom, and i have finally decided to say my piece.

i grew up a tomboy, raggy jean, t-shirts and a really, really short haircut.  getting me in a dress was like putting 3 cats in a small bag.

i quite frequently heard someone, usually a child whisper to someone else, ‘is that a boy or a girl’  i would always just smile at them or ignore them because I knew the answer and thought it should be clear to them as well. as an adult i have never changed those tomboy traits, although my jeans might be slightly less raggy and my hair is purple, it is still quite short.

some of you might know i am an ally for the LGBTQA community, i don’t pretend to understand all the nuances but people are people, i decide how i feel about someone by how they treat me and those around them, not what may or may not be under their clothes.

but i had a revelation a few days ago.  at any given moment, someone could decide *I* don’t look feminine enough to use the women’s rest room.  (or god forbid, i look too feminine to use the men’s when the women’s line is too long)

the fact is, the only person who should decide what restroom i use, is me. and the only person who can decide for you, is you.

if you think perverts are suddenly going to come out of the woodwork to prey on people in the restroom, you have been living in a bubble, because the perverts have been in the bathrooms they wanted to ALL ALONG.

i count a few transgender people among my acquaintances and dare i say friends.  i don’t ever want them to be worried they will be attacked because they need to pee.