Jan 3 – my town [FMS Photo a Day]

Jan 3 – my town [FMS Photo a Day]


this one is from the archives because i am not ‘home’ right now   I have lived all across the US, but the little town that this rural post office shed serves will always  be My Town.. Reynolds, Mo. I have no idea what the actual population is but i know i rode a bus 12 miles each way to school in the next ‘town’ which in 2012 had a population of 408   so it is my small, very small town.1521731_10152179286798653_314301854_n[1]

FMSPhotoaday – June 3

June 3 - on my table

June 3 – on my table

some personalized glasses i ordered when my family was here with me at my favorite watering hole, but they didn’t get delivered before they all went back home.. now they will start the months long waiting process for me to actually get them in the mail 🙂

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