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Book Review – The Defective Amish Detective Books 1 & 2

The Whoopie Pie AffairThe Defective Amish Detective – Volume 1 – The Whoopie Pie Affair by Mark Miller and Giovanni Gelati

Hawaiian shirted detective “G”, is a surprising leader in the search to recover the missing snacks.  You never know what he do or say next.

Intercourse Boondogle

The Defective Amish Detective – Volume 2 – The Intercourse Boondogle by Mark Miller and Giovanni Gelati

The Defective Detective and his Amish friends are back to break up a crime ring in the Pennsylvania town of Intercourse.  Can they find out whodunit in time?

Look for a surprise cameo by everyone’s favorite purple haired girl and her mom  🙂

these are short stories , approx. 30 pages, there are more volumes planned.

Publisher – Helping Hands Press