Month: January 2013

Day 10 | Jan 10 | 1 o’clock

1 o’clock at one today we ran to the Smart and Final store on my lunch break to get some baking supplies, my daughter runs a little cupcake bakery and has an order to be delivered tomorrow evening, so we needed to grab some stuff to bring her ingredient inventory back into shape. sadly i […]

Day 9 | Jan 9 | Paper

Paper, Priceless Paper These used to be a common sight in a teenage girls backpack

Day 8 | Jan 8 | Something beginning with ‘T’

of course i could have gone with the obvious ‘tara’ (that’s me!) but instead we have ‘together’

Going to the gym..

I have decided that rather than have a bunch of specific resolutions for the new

Day 7 | Jan 7 | Street

this is the ‘street’ that i grew up on, and my parents still live on. This particular stretch is between their house and the barn and doesn’t get as much traffic as the mile stretch of gravel from their house to the 2 lane blacktop road   Join the Photo a day challenge at Fat Mum […]

Day 6 | Jan 6 | Mine

These books are mine.   My copies of a book series i read a million times

Day 5 | Jan 5 | Movement

The ‘movement’ of time. From 2006 to  2011, where does the time go. my daughter and nieces taken at La Jolla Cove when the girls were visiting us from 3000 miles away   Join the Photo a day challenge at Fat Mum Slim’s blog

Day 4 | Jan 4 | The View From Here

This is my view right now, work is done for the day and the weekend has started… so I relax on the couch with my computer and the dog.  Real name Peaches, known lovingly as Piggy due to her curly tail, chubbiness and frequent snorting sounds 🙂 also a laundry basket full of clean folded […]

Day 3 | Jan 3 | Heart

My ‘heart’ rate on the treadmill today.  I am really focused on getting healthier this year. Join the Photo a day challenge at Fat Mum Slim’s blog

Day 2 | Jan 2 | Something New

My New Captain America Hoodie, because I might look like a woman in my 40s