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Photo Challenge

I have decided to try and do more photography and the first step is to participate in this challenge by fat mum slim.  i have dragged my mom into it as well, you can check her pictures out once the challenge starts over at Oldentimes.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures we post and feel free to jump in and join us!  it is always fun to challenge yourself with new ideas for your hobbies /obsessions 🙂

Not a craft but something else i love to do

i enjoy many crafts, knitting crocheting, quilting etc. but my real creative love is photography… so i have decided to throw some of my pictures and picture taking excursions here, partly to have more post subjects since my crafting has slowed way down and to share more of my work with friends who aren’t on facebook (yes some people have resisted the draw) 🙂

so to begin!
Saturday Feb 18th a trip to the Safari Park